Sorrentino Srl is an Italian company specialized in the production of:

1) layered panels for outdoor and sandwich panels for indoors (partitions and interior finishing);

2) doors in aluminum or wood frame, and panel laminate/aluminum covered, suitable for use in buildings for community: malls, offices, public buildings (hospitals, schools, sports centers, health centers), utility projects and infrastructures works, warehouses and workshops.

Tradition and Leadership

Sorrentino Srl has its origins in the 1950s, as producer of semi-finished products for the furniture industry. In the ‘90s then it begun assembling multilayer sandwich panels with plastic laminate for the doors & windows industry. Since that time special panels for this industry (in particular hospitals, schools, health centers, sport centers, commercial buildings as well as buildings for the community) become ordinary production and Sorrentino Srl has grown to be one of the most reputed companies in his industry and has established itself as one of the pioneers and a market leader in Italy.


Sorrentino Srl means quality craftsmanship with affordability. Our value chain starts from raw materials. The entire production cycle takes place in our plants in Italy, Padova (near Venice), where highly skilled staff manages and monitors all manufacturing processes, starting from the material selection (aluminum profiles, laminate, EPS, etc.) till the assembly and the shipping of the finished product. Our high standards are guaranteed by the quality of the raw materials and accessories we use (100% made in Italy), cutting edge technology in manufacturing and by strict controls carried out during each production cycle step.


One of Sorrentino Srl objectives is to established solid partnership by providing with his most reliable products the Aluminum doors & windows industry (indoor and outdoors panels for partition walls and facades and doors for public places). Indeed Sorrentino Srl can be the perfect partner for aluminum companies who works in growing and challenging markets and needs reliability and experience in both the small/medium and large building project. We strongly believes this because of our proven track record for helping our customers delivering projects on schedule, and according to required quality & specifications. See the list of some of these projects (“References”) that we executed and delivered together with our partners.


Today Sorrentino Srl, besides the above panels, conceives and realizes other kind of panels who find their application in diversified areas (kitchen countertop, truck doors, digital printing, wine cellars/libraries…) and need flexible production to meet the required criteria and specifications of customers. The continuous search for new products, the experience and progresses gained in the application of different materials (Laminate, MDF, Aluminum, Composite aluminum, Steel, EPS, XPS, etc.), united to the availability to the needs of the market, is leading Sorrentino Srl to a close working relationship with all his customers, in order to meet any request with consistency.

Thermal or acoustic insulation sandwich panels are tested by major Italian institutions such as the INSTITUTE GIORDANO and CATAS, also the company is certified by the CSE (Centre for Studies and Research)